T-series beats PewDiePie and becomes the Most Subscribed Channel on YouTube

We all heard it, we have seen it and the day is finally here. T-series is now officially the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. It crossed Pewdiepie just a while ago and the whole internet is babbling about it. The fight has been going on between them ever since PewDiePie put a video about T-series. T-series was a channel that was growing rapidly but it remained unnoticed for most of the time. T-series is an Indian Music record label and Film production company which releases most of the Bollywood songs and produces many films in India.


The History:


Pewdiepie is a Youtube channel started by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a Swedish Gamer, best known for his Video game commentaries. Now a days, the channel is mostly known for Vlogs and comedy videos.

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Felix originally pursued a degree in Industrial Economics at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. In 2010, during his time at the university, he registered a YouTube account under the name PewDiePie. The following year, he quit the university and started fulltime Youtubing. Ever since then, there’s no looking back and he became the most subscribed YouTube channel in August 2013 surpassing “YouTube Spotlight”.

Holding this position since 2013, Pewdiepie finally got surpassed by T-series after reaching 73 million Subscribers. However, this channel held the distinction of being one of the most viewed YouTube channels ever with over 19 Billion views. “Happy wheels” series with the video commentary stands out as the best set of videos from Pewdiepie’s Channel.


T-series is a Music Label and Film production company based in India. The company was originally found by Gulshan Kumar, a Bollywood movie producer, in 1983. It’s one of the largest Indian music labels and has a huge fan base on YouTube as well. The YouTube channel was first launched in 2006.

The channel primarily shows Movie trailers, Lyrical songs, Video songs of most of the Bollywood movies. With more than 73 Million subscribers( mostly from India) and 53 billion views, T-series is now officially the most subscribed and Most viewed Youtube channel ever. Since most of the videos are Musical videos, there’s a huge variation in “Most viewed” content of both these channels.

Most viewed video of T-series is a Musical video of Guru Randhawa, titled as Lahore. It has whopping 625 million views and 86 videos of this channel have views above 100 million.


Few Statistics of Pewdiepie and T-series:


Total Videos: 3671

Total Video Views: 19 billion+

Country: United States

Created on: April 29, 2010


Total Videos: 12,900+

Total Video Views: 54 Billion+ (it crossed 53 billion while writing lol)

Country: India

Creation Date: March 13, 2006.

As the stats speak, there’s a huge margin of difference between these two channels in terms of video views and uploaded videos. With literally one-quarter of videos, PewDiePie was able to stand on #1 for more than 5 years on YouTube.

There could be several reasons for the rapid change in subs count of T-series. Due to revolutionary changes made by Jio Mobile service provider in India, the use of mobile phones has increased drastically and since T-series holds majority of the stake in India, it’s no surprise to see the increase in Subscriber count. What are your views? Which is the best channel according to you? Leave your comments below.


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