How to Boost FPS and Fix Lag issues in Fallout 76- Improve Framerate by 200%

Now many of you are facing this issue of frame rate drops and low FPS while playing Fallout 76 on your PC. There could be multiple reasons behind this since every PC will have a whole different set of configuration which leads to these frame drops. Hence, there are several workarounds to improve FPS and reduce lag in Fallout 76. 


Fallout 76 is out in the market for a week now and it’s been getting mixed reviews. All the attempts to develop a stable bugless version of the game didn’t come handy. Anyhow, we can’t really blame the developers since it’s mostly our configuration which keeps these errors popping up.  We have an error fix guide already posted about Fallout 76. Feel free to have a look at it and check if there’s anything that might help you.


First of all, just make sure that you have had a decent look at the system requirements of the game and compare the requirements with the specifications of your computer. If at any case, it falls behind, we always recommend you to get an upgrade. Meanwhile, you can also check out the list of best graphics cards for Fallout 76 through the article embedded below.

Best Graphics Cards for Fallout 76- Top Graphics cards in All Budget Ranges

Workaround 1: Tweak the init file of Fallout 76:

Firstly, locate the .init file of fallout 76 in your documents folder. The location is,

  • Documents> My Games>  Fallout 76> Fallout76Prefs.ini
  • After locating the file, double click on it to edit.
  • Find the line ” iPresentInterval=1″ within the init file.
  • Change iPresentInterval=1 to iPresentInterval=0
  • Click on save and close it.

Workaround 2: Tweak the Nvidia Control Panel:

  • Right click anywhere on your Desktop and click on ” Nvidia Control Panel”
  • Go to ” Manage 3D settings” in the left side menu.
  • Open ” Program Settings “
  • Now, find “Fallout 76” from the drop down menu and open.
  • Turn of Vertical Sync by scrolling down.

Also try,

  • Open Manage 3D settings.
  • Go to ” Power management Mode”
  • Set it to ” Prefer Maximum Performance”

This should boost FPS significantly in Fallout 76.

For Laptops,

If you are using a laptop, then always make sure that you are using the dedicated graphics, not the integrated ones. To switch, follow the instructions.

  • Right Click on your Desktop.
  • Open ” Graphics Settings”.
  • Click on Advanced Mode.
  • Here, you can change the settings.

Workaround 3: Tweak the Task Manager:

Close all the background tasks that are eating up the CPU of your computer. You can sort them out using the Task manager.

  • Press “Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc” to open Task Manager.
  • Now, End all the unwanted tasks.
  • Find ” fallout76.exe” and right click on it.
  • Click on set priority and set it to high.

These workarounds should pretty much boost fps in fallout 76. Feel free to like us on Facebook and support us.

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