‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Sold over 5 Million Units in last six months !!

Rockstar’s epic release ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ keeps on creating records with its sale. After 6 years from the release, GTA 5 has still made a record 5 Million sales over the last 6 months. GTA V has already boasted of over 110 million sales past 6 years. Now the count raised to 115 million which is insane for any game.

This particularly chunky number comes via an earnings report from Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two. According to the financial results for Q2 2019, GTA V has hit 115 million units sold since launch. Fans of previous Take-Two financial reports (I know you’re out there) will remember of course that, back in May, the game stood at 110 million units sold.

Other popular notable games include Borderlands 3 which went up from 5 Million to 7 Million in sales, whereas EA’s NBA 2K20 passed 6 Million mark.

Red Dead Redemption stands at a whooping 26.5 Million sales. Considering the PC release which was few days ago, this number could go up pretty high.

With this gigantic success from the Grand Theft Auto V, GTA series raised the bars so high that the next installment would be an instant money maker irrespective of the audience response.

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