Error Fixes for Age of Civilizations II PC- Doesn’t Open, Freezes on Saving, Crash, Low FPS , Black Screen Fix

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Age of Civilizations II, the latest grand strategy game that’s released a week back on Steam and other markets. It has got great positive reviews around the market and also seems to have carried the legacy of its previous installment. Your objective as a protagonist is to use all the available military tactics and cunning diplomacy to either unify the world or conquer it. The game follows the same gameplay which most of the strategy games do, but this game excels in creating commanding scenarios.


Now that the game is released on to PC, the issue of crashes, errors and bugs arises in Age of Civilizations 2. Since there are millions of PC gamers around the world, it’s quite obvious that the configurations differ from each other. So, errors and crashes are quite common and each of them might have different set of workarounds to resolve the issues. So, we have made an attempt to put up the list of probable workarounds for all errors, crashes and bugs in Age of Civilizations 2.

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Let’s get into the List of error fixes for Age of Civilization 2:

Game Doesn’t Work: Age of Civilizations 2 Fix:

Few people have noticed that after installing the game, the game doesn’t seem to open or even run on the computer. As explained by the developers, this game requires OpenGL to be installed on your computer.

  • So, make sure that you have installed OpenGL on your computer
  • Then reinstall the game and restart your computer.

Black Screen after Opening Age of Civilizations 2 Fix:

This issue is mainly related to the drivers. Few people have also complained that, when they are shifting to window mode from fullscreen, they are facing this issue. Try the following workarounds.

  • Change the compatibility mode of the game from properties.
  • Update the display and Graphics card drivers.

Game freezes while Saving Fix:

Whenever the game goes autosave, it freezes for a brief period of time . This bug has been noticed by the developers and they are working on a fix for it. Other than that, there’s nothing much anyone can do about it.

Low Performance and Framerates After installing JAVA and OpenGL:

As the developers quoted, these two are mandatory and are to be installed on a computer before running Age of Civilizations 2. So, we have few workarounds to improve the performance.

  • Update the drivers.
  • Set high priority to the game in Task Manager.
  • Disable V-sync

Crash after clicking on ” Load Game”

This is a weird bug that has been noticed while playing AOC 2. Try changing from fullscreen mode to windowed mode and run the game as administrator.