Beholder 2- Fixes for Crash on Startup, Doesn’t Save, Freezing issues, Bugs, Controls

Beholder 2, is the sequel for the successful Beholder which was released back in November 2016. The game revolves in a totalitarian state where the protagonist takes the role of Carl, a government-appointed Landlord who has to spy on the tenants. So basically, the protagonist has to secretly listen to their conversations, maneuver through their belongings when they are away. This game provides the option to either support the government or even be a rebel to support the people.


This exciting Gameplay has made the first installment a huge success. Now, the second installment from the series, Beholder 2 is finally available in the market. But as always, there are a bunch of issues like crashes, black screen issues, low fps issues etc in Beholder 2. The Game Debugger has their back and hence we put up this list of fixes for all the issues in Beholder 2. If you have found help from this post, please do like us on Facebook and help us grow. If you didn’t find help for what you’re looking, head up to our forums and start a thread so that we can help you.

Beholder 2 crashes to Desktop on Startup:

We all have been there and this is the most disappointing thing to happen while installing any game and Beholder 2 doesn’t give a surprise here. There are a bunch of users who have complained about this issue where whenever the user tries to open the game or run the game, it opens, nothing loads and suddenly it crashes back to the desktop. Try the following workarounds if you are facing this crash issues

  • If you are running on a low-end computer, just make sure that you are running on Updated drivers be it for your Graphics card, display or any hardware component.
  • Make sure that there’s no issue with your Anti-virus. Sometimes, anti-virus might come up with false positives and move few files into its chest. Just recover those files or disable your antivirus when you are installing the game.

Protagonist Character Doesn’t move/ Freezing Issue in Beholder 2:

This is a weird bug noticed by few people. Just make sure that your keyboard is intact. If there’s no movement at all and the game freezes, you might have to restart your computer and run the game.

Can’t retrieve the Saved data from Beta in Beholder 2 fix:

Developers have confirmed that the saved data from the beta version will not be continued in the final full version. It’s a fun game to play. We also recommend you to start over again.

Virus alert from Anti-virus while downloading Beholder 2:

Any game officially released on steam most probably doesn’t come with infected virus embedded in them. So, it is mostly a false positive and there’s nothing to be worried about. Just disable the antivirus or whitelist the game in your antivirus firewall settings and you are good to go.

Support Languages of Beholder 2:

At present, the game supports English, Russian and chinese. Korean, Polish and German are expected to be added into the game later.

Beholder 2 Doesn’t Open Fix:

Your antivirus and firewall could be an issue. Below are a few of the solutions for this issue.

  • Whitelist the game in your antivirus settings.
  • Allow the game on your firewall.
  • Verify the integrity of game cache files. If any files are missing, update them.

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