Amazon Potentially Leaked the Release Date of The Last of US Part II

As most of you know, The Last of Us Part II was supposed to be released on Feb 21, 2020 this year. But however, it’s devastating to know that the release date has been postponed and the release is not here anytime soon. The developers Naughty Dog, the developers of famous ” Uncharted 4 ” are looking to take several months more for the development of this game. We’re as devastated as you about the release date, but look, the better time in production, the better, final product will be.

last of us part 2 release date

This is what the Naughty Dog had to say about the delay of The Last of Us Part 2.

“To respect the privacy of the parties involved, we won’t discuss the allegations any further than to confirm initial reports of Joel’s arrest earlier this morning at the Cahill Park playground,” read the brief 350-word press release from Naughty Dog, which refused to comment on repeated claims that the company knew of Joel’s issues prior to this incident and put pressure on other accusers to accept a settlement rather than come forward. “Given the circumstances, and Joel’s significant role in the game’s storyline, we cannot in good conscience release The Last Of Us Part II and have made the immediate decision to delay its release indefinitely.”

They didn’t reveal much about the issue that’s prolonging the release date of Last of Us 2, but I guess they are working for a refined finished product. The game was however set to release on May 29, 2020 but due to the global Corona pandemic, it’s hard to expect the same release date. The entire Gaming industry took a step back during this pandemic. It’s hard to co-work during these days and even if there’s a finished product, the publishers are worried that the users might not get a copy of the game on time. So, the release date of most of the games, even movies have become uncertain for now.

The Release Date leak from Amazon …

Amazon, has potentially released a leak on the release date of The Last of Us 2. Generally, they use the placeholder dates for the releases of the games. We have seen the release date as June 6, 2020 at first but later it has been postponed to December 31, 2020 . If it’s a placeholder date, they would’ve saved the first date itself. However, they have changed it to fall 2020. Have a look at the Amazon’s product page below.

We hope that the release date doesn’t get pushed to 2021 and let’s hope the date actually gets pre-poned. Most importantly, stay home and stay safe during this pandemic.

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