5 Best Cricket Games for PC in 2020

Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world second to only Football or soccer ( as some people call it that ). We know that every year, there are a lot of exciting Football titles releasing for PC and consoles like FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, Football Manager etc. However, there are very few cricket games that are really worth giving a try when it comes to PC. It’s really hard to find the 5 Best Cricket Games for PC. Why is that so ? See, although cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, it’s famous only in few countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Since there’s very less purchasing power , we hardly see any Best Cricket Games for PC releasing every year.

So, as there are very few options for cricket games on PC, we have picked the finest of those and made up this list of 5 Best Cricket Games for PC. Let’s dive into the list of the best cricket games for PC. Note that these games are also available on consoles if that’s what you’re looking for.

#5: Cricket Captain 2019:


Cricket Captain for cricket games is what like Football manager for Football Games. It doesn’t include playing the game but it includes the strategies and decisions a captain would take in a cricket match and how they affect the game’s result. This series has been in the market since 2014 and they’ve been releasing the games every alternate year.

Cricket Captain 2019 boasts of a database with more than 7000 Players around the world including the ones that aren’t contemporary. It also includes domestic leagues from India, Australia, England and for the 2019 version, they have included the domestic league of South Africa as well. This game is available on Steam for a price of under $10 and it’s definitely worth giving a shot as it isn’t much expensive too. Also do have a look at the System Requirements of the game below. It doesn’t ask for much but make sure your machine passes those requirements.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Memory:2 GB
  • Graphics Card:AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT
  • CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo T5200
  • Cricket Captain 2019 File Size:250 MB
  • OS:Windows 7 SP1/8/10

#4: Ashes Cricket 2009:

ashes cricket 2009 gameplay screenshot

As you can see from the title, a Game released a decade back still stands out as one of the best Cricket Games for PC in 2020. Less competition in the market can be one of the reasons but there’s no denying how good of a game this one is. It was released for PC and Consoles back in August 2009. It was originally developed by Transmission Games and published by CodeMasters in UK and Bandai Namco in the Australia.

The game highlights two player center play, with up to four player versus matches. The PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 forms likewise highlight full online multiplayer. The PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 forms additionally highlight an instructing mode where they can become familiar with the orders of batting, bowling and handling from Sir Ian Botham and Shane Warne.

This Game also boasts of Commentary from the Cricketing Legends like Shane Warne, Ian Bishop, Tony Greig etc. During it’s release, this game was a huge success gaining positive reviews from all over the world. Check out it’s Gameplay below.

#3: EA Sports Cricket 2007:

Most of the non-cricketing Gamers don’t know that Electronic Arts actually published a cricket game. Oh boy, this is the crowd favorite game in Cricket. It doesn’t eat up your RAM too much and the physics in this game are really good. It was the best cricket game for a prolonged period of time since no other Gaming company could match up this beauty which was released 13 years ago.

As believed in people, this game is not actually developed by Electronic Arts. It was developed by HB Studios and published by Electronic Arts. This game was released in November 2006 and has gained massive following in the cricket fans ever since then. It’s still considered to be the best Cricket Game for PC by most of the people who played cricket games.

EA Cricket 07 includes several modes like Championship which includes 16 teams competing in a world cup and you should lead your team to victory. There’s also customizable test series and tours that are worth playing.

Besides the actual content of the game, there are several Cricket enthusiasts who have developed Mods for this Game which include the Latest leagues like Indian Premier League, Big Bash League etc.

#2: Don Bradman Cricket 2017 :

Don Bradman cricket 2017

Don Bradman Cricket series has been the recent success in the Cricket Games world. They have released two installments in Don Bradman Cricket series one being released in 2014 and the other being this one. Both the installments share a lot of similarities in Gameplay and graphics except few enhancements and modes added in Don Bradman Cricket 2017.

We are considering both Don Bradman Cricket 2014 and Don Bradman Cricket 2017 in the second place in this list of Best cricket games for PC since they both share lot of similarities. These games have received mostly positive reviews on Steam and the offline markets too.

Unlike other Cricket Games, this game boasts of a career mode where you start as a Cricketer of your choice( Batsman, Bowler or All Rounder) in a domestic league and how you climb up the ladders to play for your Country is super fun. Its developed by Big Ant Studios and released in December 2016 and is available for PS4, XBOX One and PC.

#1: Cricket 2019

cricket 2019 by big ant studios

This is the most recent Cricket game that’s available in the market and is by far the best Cricket Game available for PC. It is also developed by Big Ant Studios, the developers of Don Bradman Cricket 2014 and Don Bradman Cricket 2019. This game is released on Steam and other platforms in July 2019 and has released positive reviews all around.

It includes all the generic modes which every cricket game has to offer but it also includes a special modeconsidered situation mode that permits players to start a match in any foreordained situation.[5] The game likewise permits clients to play through the men’s ODI, T20 and test world cups, and ladies’ ODI and T20 world cups. In any case, these came up short on any ICC sponsorships.

It received 8/10 rating from IGN and many reviewers quoted it as the Best Cricket Game released for PC and the consoles.

So, this is our list of best cricket games for PC. If you like this list, please share the article

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